7 Ways To Celebrate Your Postponed Wedding Day At Home

I know the days leading to your postponed wedding day may be bittersweet, upsetting, confusing, and frustrating! But remember this – Your love is patient and kind! 💞 Chose to still have fun & make memories together. 💃🏾🥰💞

LEARN SOMETHING NEW TOGETHER – during these times, we find people are using this time to learn something new. From baking bread, cooking a new recipe, watching a masterclass, learning how to DJ to learning to be a sumo wrestler haha! Whatever floats your boat! This is guaranteed to be fun 😀

GO ALL OUT FOR DATE NIGHT – Why not? Get dressed up! Look good, feel good, keep the romance burning during these times. Yes, it may feel chaotic now, but if you both take a step back to shut out the noise. No talk or mention of your wedding plans, just you two!

VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR – There are so many virtual platforms that allow you to connect with loved ones. Why not have a party with your bridal party? You could also extend the festivities to your family. Play games, go wild, dance, sing and laugh ;D

PRACTICE YOUR FIRST DANCE – Put your song on and just sway in the comfort of the living room. Why stop there? Play your whole wedding playlist 💃🏾 and get funky with the dance moves

GET SPIRITUAL – Praying with your partner, if you haven’t made it a habit, can feel awkward at first, but will then become something you will find comforting and encouraging. It helps you show and receive trust that strengthens the bonds of intimacy in your relationship. You are focusing your minds, hearts, and relationship on God.

COUPLES THAT WORKOUT TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER – Don’t know about you, but we are starting to loosen the belt a little from all the food consumption. Sweat it all out, after all, you still have an outfit to get into after all this is over. There are so many fitness gurus doing live sessions online – get in there

NETFLIX & CHILL DAY – Kick your feet up, put on the telly, and simply watch your favourite film.

Whatever you chose to do, have fun and continue to make memories! When you big day finally arrives, none of this will feel real.

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