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Light Pink Pampas Grass Stems


Bring your space to life with our fluffy dried pampas grass stems. They are perfect vase fillers, adding a sense of elegance and style in its simplicity and minimalism. No need for watering, just a gentle dusting from time to time.


Our fluffy pampas grass stems are approximately 74cm long, with a plume of approximately 30cm.


Please note: Dried flowers are natural products, which means there will be slight variations in their colour, size, shape and styles. It is normal for them to moult a little at first due to their dry nature. Please allow a few days for the plumes to take shape.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: 4 simple rules apply!

  1. NO need to water them
  2. Keep out of direct sunlight
  3. Be gentle with them
  4. Good airflow environment – no humidity and heat.


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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 4 cm

15 stems, 7 stems


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