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Who we are

From “I Do” to “For You”

Tubes Floral’s journey had quite the personal start. Like all women, I wanted my wedding to be unique and special in my own way. The only challenge was that the specific bouquet and wedding party florals were either unavailable or too expensive. So, what did I do? I went on a few courses and very well created my very own bouquet and boutonnieres! Since my floral journey started at my own wedding, I decided to help other brides and grooms make their floral arrangements just as special and unique – matching their own styles. Here we are! My name is Christina, and I would best describe myself as “one with nature” – anything outdoorsy, creative, and colourful. All the scents, colours, and romance that form part of nature is what lights the fire in my heart, which is why I love nothing more than sharing this with my clients. So, welcome to my flower garden!

"To Have & To Hold"

Tubes Floral’s services are split into two elements, floral décor to have and bridal floral to hold at your wedding and in your heart forever. The slogan “To Have & to Hold” has incredible significance in the way we care about our clients and the difference flowers can make in all aspects of life – whether at a wedding, in your home, or even as a thoughtful gift to the ones you love most! If the 2020 pandemic has taught the world anything, it’s that you should never put all your eggs, or flowers, into one basket. So, though we predominantly cater for the wedding industry, we’ve become absolutely obsessed with home décor and styling to broaden our floral horizons. As of now, we are proud to have extended our services to designing and styling homes with little luxuries that mean a lot. Now, not only can you order your own custom floral services, but you can also purchase various other floral and decorative pieces made with love.

So, Who are We, Really?

We’re the most passionate floral service in and around Essex, England. We live for the expression on our clients’ faces when they realise their floral décor is spectacular and exactly what they imagined. With more than four years’ experience in the industry, you can be sure you’ll get what your heart desires, whether for your special day or home. Feel free to send us an email to make a bridal booking or visit our shop to purchase one of our ready-made products. See you soon!

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